Joyce Lam



  • 2011

    Project Two of Next Generation Ebook Design (DESN 412) course. This is collaborative project to create an ebook prototype for Aboriginal Healing Foundation's three-volume Truth and Reconciliation Research Series.

  • 2011

    Mobile application prototype created for fall semester graduation project for DESN 410.

    Thesis: Shopping done in excess is a serious issue and a growing problem everywhere. People addicted to compulsive shopping need to be aware that they do in fact have a problem and should get help. I believe that a solution can be aimed towards stopping shopaholics at the point of purchase–before they make an impulse purchase–because this exercises their self-control and will...

  • 2011

    Typographic Specimen Booklet based on historical type designed for COMD 304. Special care was put in the choice of cover stock and printing to give the impression of the letterpress style of the era.