Jesi Carson



  • 2013

    Cultivate was my undergrad final project, and I had the pleasure of leading a multi-disciplinary student team including Theunis Snyman (ID), Sam Jiang (IxD) and Emily Neufeld (Sculpture). Cultivate evolved into a non-profit society, helping grow the connection between community building and food by creating opportunities for collaborative gardening on a neighbourhood scale...

  • 2011

    This design research project was comissioned by Vancouver Coastal Health in collaboration with IBI Architects to assess usability, function and user flow of the Lions Gate Hospital Foyer. I worked with, then 4th year, ID students Irene Schmid and Jesse Mah. ID student, Solveig Johannesen, also contributed at the beginning of the project. The team designed and implemented a series of research methods intended to inform recommendations for a re-design of the foyer space. Our findings report is...

  • 2011

    Helioshade is a kinetic shading device design by Jesi Carson, King Tang, Jeremy Katich, Jennifer Chung & Jordi Vilanova for the Kinetic Architecture course offered by the University of Oregon instructed by Stephen Duff. 

    + Interior shading devices do not prevent entry of solar radiation
    + Static, exterior vertical louvers are often inadequate, requiring structurally implausible depths or sacrificing views

    + Limit the amount of solar...