Sylvia Borda



  • 2010

    Seeing Across Boundaries addresses surveillance as art by examining the history of the camera obscura. The final work will incorporate both architectural and digital forms to illustrate how surveillance can situate itself within recent Irish socio-political histories as well as that of contemporary art production. The project aims to produce a new civic ontology that explores how audiences respond to geography, borders, information mapping and architectural space...

  • 2010

    Sylvia’s recent collaboration with visual arts organizations and the local community in Northern Ireland has led to the re-examination of local photographic archives. Her project work 'Away Days and Holidays NI' has re-examined the function of leisure time in Northern Ireland before The Troubles.  

  • R+D

    Sylvia’s commissions and educational programming are inter-dependent, informing and developing one another. She has held a number of arts lecturer positions at institutions internationally, such as the University of Salford (UK), Queens University Belfast, Krems University (Austria), University of British Columbia, and Emily Carr University of Art and Design (Vancouver), among others. 

    The past year has seen Sylvia develop and implement curriculum for the launch of the new...