Emma Lehto



  • 2012

    The best way to get to know someone is how they communicate with others.

    One of my favourite illustrated characters growing up & I still consider a great inspiration for me is Calvin, from Calvin & Hobbes comic books. He’s so creative, has an amazing imagination, is incredibly confident in how he carries himself- all of this is expressed in his dialogue.

    I was interested in seeing what it would look like if only the dialogue of a character was displayed if one could...

  • 2010

    This project was based purely on my own curiosity. I wondered what would it look like if I cut out all of the words from a book and placed them in alphabetical order. In the end I learned a great deal, the process of the project changed as I was doing it; for me it was all about language and semiotics. However, everyone sees something different, and I’m curious to find out what that is.