Lu Chen



  • 2014


                Modern characters are transformed from ancient pictographic characters. Each character can be explained by the elements composing these characters.  Zen is written as “禪” in Chinese character and can be separated into “礻” and  “單”. There are two ways to explain this character:

    If we separate “禪” (Zen) into “礻” and  “單”; “礻” is a short form of “示”, “示” means “to show/display or reveal”. “單...

  • 2014

    This is a refined version of Zen Ya 2013. After the user testing, I changed the material, sizes, colours and some details about the mechanism. I also did more researches on the concept of Zen and Transcendental Meditation.

    Due to the ergonomic matters, the new size is more reasonable for most of the customers. The new size is 16 inch* 16 inch* 22 inch. Since I had new feedback about the concept of Zen from Liang, Zhenwen (An educator and writer from San Francisco). I changed...

  • 2013

    For this collaboration project, we are working with a co-creator who has Apert’s Syndrome. Because of this, her upper limbs are twice as short as normal. She faces physical limitations and diculties when doing some certain movements, such as washing her hair. Therefore, the main goal for this collaboration is to design a made hair washing product that aims to help people who cannot lift their arms easily to wash their hair in a simple, comfortable, ecient, and easy way. We...