Steven Enns


  • 2013

    A stool developed for 18Karat that combined their existing ethos with a feeling of organzied chaos. We strove to create a tension between the user and the stool by making everything look very precarious even though, underneath, all proper structure is hidden in the body to provide proper support throughout. The body of the chair looks like it defys gravity, and the seat is quite chaotic and complicated. It was very fun thinking up the design, and creating some unique ways of hiding things...

  • 2013

    In every persons house you're bound to find this work lamp. It's a bland, cheap ikea object that performs it's job fairly well. But for a creative person who's space reflects their personality and tastes, its an eye sore.
    I set out to use 3d printing to change how this lighting played within a workspace. By using open source 3d printing it allows users to change the shade of their lamp. By downloading this free model anyone with access to a printer or an online printing service can...

  • 2012

    I started experimenting with leatherwork in April 2012 after doing som wet-modling for a personal project. After that , I made myself a slim card wallet, something to replace a bulky bifold I was using, and a design that I  was struggling to find on the market,. After some interest in the wallet from friends and colleagues I decided to start producing and selling my design; the simple wallet, in Oct. 2012.
    From there I started to experiment with other designs based on items that I...