Daniel Drennan ElAwar



  • 2020

    NOTE: Essay file, bibliography and suggested reading, as well as the decolonial praxis document referenced in the essay are all attached below this text.

    I address this missive to the entirety of the Emily Carr University community, inclusive of everyone who contributes in any way to the day-to-day experiences we have of each other. I write this not as a rebuttal, nor as a rebuke, but in the dialectical sense of hoping to fuse what is happening locally with other...

  • 2019

    This article speaks of alienation, migration, liberation, protest and resistance art and art movements, as well as the place of the artist in periphery and core. Maymanah Farhat contacted me to write a two-paragraph art review for Jadaliyya’s 2018 end-of-year art review. I wrote the following instead. With special thanks to Maymanah for follow-up reference to the El-Khiam prison art collection, and to Lara Atallah for her helpful review, input, and suggestions.♦

  • 2019

    Requested response to an article in The Tyee


    The Tyee, an independent online magazine out of Vancouver, BC, published an article entitled “Undone: A Newcomer’s Story”, about a “refugee” who ended up committing suicide:


    The publisher, David Beers, asked if I would be interested in addressing the...