Sid Chen



  • 2010

    What is beauty? Who determines the "perfect shape" of a person's body? 99% of all the display mannequins we see out there are made in the so called "perfect" body figure, and it is something many of us as consumers don't feel related to.

    Hannequin is an innovatice presetation of clothing that helps shoppers to make their decision. It is adjustable to create different body proportion that consumers feel closer connected to. When displayed along with the current mannequins, hannequins...

  • 2009

    Who doesn't love bananas?

    A practice of Softimage XSI version 5.0.

  • 2009

    Taking the form from the strongest herbivoras running on the fields in South Africa, the wild beasts, this bicycle is designed to await for new challenges. She has the power and the speed to defend herself from the predators, and when it's quiet she speaks only the language of elegance.

    Originally as a sketch on the tracing paper, this concept was brought into Photoshop CS4 and transformed into a realistic beauty shot of a modern bicycle.