Justin Alm



  • 2011

    In the Fall Semester of 2011, I redesigned the website for BRAVADO Magazine and performed a full Wordpress implementation for Evan Goodfellow and his staff. The design of the website involved concept development, paper-prototyping, development of HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP for Wordpress implementation. The theme BRAVADO now runs on is custom to suit their content. Much thanks to Evan and the crew at BRAVADO.

    You can checkout the live site here:


  • 2011

    I was one of a team of Emily Carr faculty and students who rose to the challenge, investigating different technology options for creating an ebook that would reflect Mozilla's core principles. That meant building an ebook that could work on iPads and Android tablets, desktop computers and smartphones, and that could be distributed for free. A simple PDF was one option, but it didn't take advantage of the navigation and multimedia opportunities a tablet could provide. Working with Vancouver-...

  • 2011

    I produced: sixteen unique stamps, each of which serves as a tribute to Spiekermann's design principles; a souvenir sheet featuring the principles of ascender, baseline, italic & justification; and a specially designed protective envelope. I began the process by looking at the visual language of Spiekermann himself as represented by companies he has started. I studied the work of FontShop, EdenSpiekermann, FontBook, Meta Design, and the larger typographic commissions he has completed...