Cordova: Research Project on Coffee Cup


It is a little known fact that the first extra-american expansion that Starbucks made was into Vancouver where the company set up a small shop inside Waterfront Station which happens to stand on the base of Granville and Cordova Streets. Vancouver boasts a voraciousness for coffee matched only by its neighbors in Seattle. Reverence for this humble bean is definitely a west coast thing.

The downside to all this coffee consumption is the dreadful impact beverages served in paper cups have on the environment. Cordova is more than a product, it’s an entire system that works in unison by using the most biodegradable materials, fully realized production and recycling strategies and, most importantly, makes it appealing to the customer to live and drink greener.

This Project finished as a top 20  finalist in the Beta Cup Design Competition.

BetaCup Website Page from Jovoto

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