Hiding in Public: Undergraduate Thesis project


This book is the final outcome of my undergraduate thesis project, completed during the fall semester. The content of the book explores graffiti in the public space, supported by photographs from around Vancouver.

The book was printed digitally and bound by hand. Outside dimentions of finished piece: 10.25" by 8.125" by 0.5". The initial layout was designed at 10" by 8" per page. Two copies were produced.

THESIS STATEMENT: Graffiti is a form of communication that is heavily codified. The subcultural realm explores the practice for its artistic qualities, while scholars explore graffiti for its possible meaning and ramifications. I synthesized both areas of thought, by presenting graffiti as a social phenomenon through the lens of anthropology, to demistify the practice for those who aren't necessarily associated with the subculture yet experience graffiti on a daily basis.

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