Inspiare - Magazine


How / Photoshop CS4 & Indesign CS4

This was designed for my Print Production class, in which we were
to choose and create a magazine of any subject. Inspiare is a documentary photography magazine, depicting a different featured photographer in each issue and consequently, his/her captures of a culture and country that is unfamiliar to the average person living in Canada. At the same time that it is about the technicalities of photography, it also attempts to explore humanity in its utmost sincerity; it reveals the essence of the people who live there, and everything from their basic survival to their innocence to their fight for freedom. Using a humanist approach, this magazine aspires to inspire its readers to appreciate life and the spirit of man.

For the reasons above, the layout of the text is very clean and quiet
in order to showcase the astounding full-bleed images that overwhelm the reader. The requirements of the class was for the layout only, thus all of my images were taken from the incredibly talented ‘Gilad’ on Deviantart.

(20 spreads)

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