Vancouver International Film Festival - Branding


How / Photoshop CS4 & Indesign CS4

The Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) is a jewel of the city, and one we are most proud of. Each year it hosts an extraordinary amount of films of all languages and genres, with some even shockingly disturbing or provoking. Since they change their identity and collateral each year, one of our exercises in class was to redesign this VIFF identity for the festival of 2010.
After much research, the impression that VIFF impressed upon me was that its mystery was its most alluring quality. Each and every movie, regardless of their vastly different topics and styles, was intriguing, yet again, for different reasons. I made the logo to resemble crop marks to accentuate the mystery of the unknown and the possibilties of a different angle and context. The advertisement posters were also created to further this edgy, stimulating, mysterious, and exciting persona of the VIFF festival, with its out-of-focus shots and its cropped imagery.

(40 spreads)

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