Hurt - Poster



How / Illustrator CS4

This typography poster was for the portrayal of our chosen song lyrics. I chose the song ‘Hurt’ by Nine Inch Nails, a song that reflected the pain and suffering from the aftereffects of cocaine addiction.

I wanted to compare the effects of cocaine to the aftermath of it, juxtaposing the temporary exitement and energy with the depth of hurt and suffering of reality. The lyrics are broken up into 2 levels, the first and larger level being the words emphasized to read happily when read together without the smaller words, versus the smaller and second level which is the actual message when read altogether. There is a third level and the smallest, which is the name of its song and its band, hidden behind everything. At first look, the poster looks happy with the large words, although the colors are slightly acidic to hint at a disconnect. Then, when viewers look closer, the true message is read, and the realization hits with the tiny, but perpetual song name as the background. The dynamics of the type also channel the physical changes of the individual during the usage of cocaine, such as dilated pupils, constricted blood vessels, increased blood pressure, and etc..

(25 Inches x 70 Inches)

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