Tea and Fairy Cakes: Porcelain Lunchbox for Lolitas


A lunch container that takes a bit of nostalgic, elegant lifestyle and makes it practical for everyday use.

Users: the Lolita fashion community is a group of young women who aspire to live like a Victorian lady or Marie Antoinette. Lolita fashion is feminine, nostalgic, and luxurious.Lolitas are primarily high school students who bring their lunch to school using cheap, ugly plasticware. This lunchbox provides a beautiful and sustainable alternative to disposable plastic containers and fits in with the feminine and nostalgic look of Lolita fashion.

Product Details: Porcelain puts the container in the context of a tea party. It is strong, light, and safe to microwave. Porcelain has a longer life-cycle than plastic and is not toxic to the environment. The plastic components are reduced to the lid. A soft ring inside the rim provides an air tight seal. The lid is made from recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene) which can be recycled when it reaches the end of it's life-cycle. HDPE is durable and keeps the container light. The fabric band brings in a textile element and secures the lid.


Photographer Tony Tsai: http://www.tonytsai.net/index.html
Models Viki, Esther & Helena
Location: Hycroft University Women’s Club
Professors Eugenia, Jim, Christian, Tom and Louise

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