Daniel & Beatrice: 1940-1950


This monograph was designed for a self directed project in print publication. The only requirement for this project was to create a book on a single subject of your choosing. I chose to create a retrospective of the decade between 1940 and 1950 through the personal photographs of the people who lived it, my grandparents, Daniel and Beatrice Clark. An incredibly tumultuous decade historically and personally for the Clarks, they were married in 1943, separated by war from 1944 through to 1946, reunited at the end of that year, and finally able to start life as a married couple in 1947. The book matches photographs from the personal albums of Bea Clark with historical text and quotes from the decade. This monograph was designed for historical enthusiasts and romantics alike and hopefully to provoke emotional connections and conversation between younger and older generations.


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