photo: courtesy of Henry Lin. 

Production: Winnie Chung, Jackie Ho, Carol Tu
Music: Jon Bantados
Dancers: Nathan Todd, Carolyn Dones, Coco Huang
Technology systems: Miles Thorogood, Chao Feng

PIT2012. SFU Woodwards Studio D, Vancouver.

 In[a]moment is an interactive and collaborative performance combining dynamic movements, motion tracking and social media. The performance explores the gestalt or “[!]” moments that occur at the intersections where the audience, performer, and space interact.

Inspired by elements of the traditional Japanese Noh Theatre, performers immerse themselves within the change in space. Aware, driven, and engaged from their inner core, the performer translates their internal conscious into physical intentions in the performance space.  Using their physical movement and sounds, they contextualize their interpretations (what they perceive on stage) of their moments into character, movement and narrative.

The audience have the opportunity to collaborate during the performance through expressing their experience via Twitter.  Their written tweets are dissected by the developed search query system which locates related words and sounds and output it directly onto the performance space.

As a result, through “tweeting”, the audience help in directing the flow of the performance through audio and visual projections, which influences the performing space for the performers to immerse and perform in.


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