Beijing Institute of Graphic Communications-Exhibition Design Course: Exhibition Design--Scale Models-Research and Design Theme--"56 Ethnic Minority Groups of China" Spring 2012



In Spring of 2012, Sam was appointed Honourary Professor, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication. He worked with 47 First Year Students and 30 Master's students on the theme of "56 Ethnic Minority Groups of China". The First Year students expressed their ideas and reseach in the form of a scale-model that utilized image, artefacts, colour and patterns associated with each of the 56 Ethnic Minority Groups of China.

Master's students particicpated in a "charettes" presenting their designs research and ideas concerning poster designs representing the minority groups.  This phase of the project will, hopefully, be followed by the second phase that will include site work and selection of one example of "applied arts" from each of the 56 Ethnic Minority Groups of China for a travelling exhibition designed and created by students.

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