Visualizing the A Scale


Rudolf Laban (1879-1958) was the most important movement theorist of the twentieth century and the founding father of modern dance in central Europe. He considered human movement in the contexts of science and art, embracing a continuum from nature to spirituality. His lifelong study of movement gave rise to an integrated and holistic system for observing, describing and notating movement and it's interrelationship with human expression.

Laban's theory of Space Harmony, or Choreutics, relates the body in motion to the geometric scaffolding of three-dimensional space.  He choreographed numerous movement sequences based on the Platonic Solids, called "movement scales."  The A Scale is one of many sequences based on the geometry of the Icosohedron.

The A Scale is a challenging sequence to engage with and learn.  These  images represent animation sequences that visualize the theory of the A Scale.  The animation provides movers with a conceptual schema that supports intent in Body, Effort, Shape, Space and Phrasing.

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