Canadian Coat of Arms


The design concept of my Canadian Crest is a contemporary digital illustration inspired by traditional iconography, symbols and crests. The new Coat of Arms uses colours, heraldry forms and symbols to represent Canadian Design. I have included a sceptre to symbolize justice and Canada’s imperial influences. The wreath is abstracted as feathers directly above mantling. The helm and mantle was originally designed to protect the head and shoulders of the wearer so I included a RCMP hat and scarf with Canada’s official maple leaf tartan. A golden sun, waves, pile with a lozenge is included in the design of the silver shield of arms to reflect the Canadian land and spirit. This was inspired from the BC regional crest. The beaver and hind are indigenous animals of Canada and are supporters of the crest to represent Canada’s peace and perseverance. Maple leaves are scattered on the mantle and holds a ribbon with the motto. “Progressive, multicultural and diverse.” is a motto I created to represent the nation depicted in Latin. These elements of heraldry are my representations of the characteristics of the land, people and culture of Canada.

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