This project aims to celebrate and take a look beyond the beautiful imagery of the social media site Pinterest, and give the Photographers and Artists creating the featured imagery some attention.There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the grey area of posting other peoples intellectual property on Pinterest without giving proper credit. Even though one of the main aspects of Pinterest is the ability to go to the original source of the media, Pinterest users or “Pinners” rarely check the links connected to the images they see in their news feed.

"Beyond Pinterest" is a collection of small books which turns the content of one Pinner’s board (“Little” by Amanda Jane Jones) back into the editorial content it was before it was on Pinterest. Visually tracing the origins of the "pin" and through which users it came to the site. Beyond Pinterest showcases the authors, photographers, texts and original imagery.The user would be able to gradually accumulate individual booklets and turn their Pinterest boards into their own physical collection of inspirations.  


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