sel et Poivre - salt & pepper set



This is a salt & pepper stand made from layers of wood veneers, and pairs with two porcelain salt & pepper shakers.

 In the wood product making process, there’s always a lot of material ended up in the dumpsters. For example, like our material of choose- wood veneers, it is always manufactured in standard, and very large sheet size for furniture or large object laminations. Large projects usually have relatively large leftovers. But people tents not to use veneers for smaller projects. However, those leftovers, offcuts are perfect for us. We help to digestion the leftovers and alleviate burdens on dumpster; they save us time on material preparation, and most importance they help us to bring down the material cast. “Low levels of profitability mean there is a lack of incentive to undertake new investment.” So low the material cast can make our product more profitable and become incentive to further studies.

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