Desk Node


Situated between a personal artifact and ubiquitous object, Node is a multifunctional light tool for creatives. It creates a space for a variety of task completion. It is an on-desk workspace that acts as a desk light, light table, and a study timer.

The back splash lights up so that it illuminates the work space for completing analog tasks as well as providing a back light that contrasts the on screen glow from the user's computer. The light is most intense at the bottom and fades into a diffused filter near the top as to not be too harsh on ones eyesight.

The bottom strips illuminate when activated so that if functions as a light table.

The study timer works off of The Pomodoro Theory, where the user sets a twenty-five minute timer to work rigorously by, followed by a five minute break and then repeated. The goal of working in these cycles is to get used to working without distraction for chunks of time.

The physical light strips act as the Pomodoro and are embedded into the work surface. When the Pomodoro is set the light strips turn off after the cycle and then needs to be reset to begin the next.

Node creates a workspace that is diverse allowing one to stay in the same workspace for a prolonged period of time while being able to achieve a variety of tasks.

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