EPIC_Tom expands on new media performance by incorporating canine voice and creativity. For this interspecies project, the artists ask: what is a dog experiencing the moment just before catching a ball? Could it be proto-euphoric—eager, expectant, desirous? The performance explores visualizing and sonifying, in a live setting, canine collaborator Tom’s state of mind.

The performance works with movement and vocal material contributed by Tom in motion capture and sound recording sessions. Electro-acoustic techniques are used on Tom’s recorded voice to output a durational call for participating human musicians’ acoustic responses. Tom’s vocalization, comprised of 5 utterances, is extended by Overstall using computational processes to generate 5 sonic movements, to which Andreyev performs responses with a theremin—its sonic characteristics like voice, even canine voice. The performance includes an animation of Tom generated by motion capture data, complimented by real-time effects. The project is intended to be participatory where musicians from the host city contribute.

Production Team:

Julie Andreyev: concept, theremin performance
Simon Overstall: Max/MSP software, granular soundscape performance
Tom: concept, actor, vocals
Jay White: animation of Tom
Richard Overington + Hyuma Frankowski: motion capture support

performances + exhibitions:

Supported by:

Intersections Digital Studios, Emily Carr University of Art + Design.


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