Vancouver Convention Centre's Living Roof



I wanted to direct the story of the site in a way that it highlights its contribution to the present community in Vancouver as well as reflect the importance of what once was on this site. For years, the Convention Centre has been a key icon for Vancouver’s International Relations. The Convention Centre’s construction further redefined itself among the International Community by integrating the largest living non-industrial living roof on their building.

The Green Roof design is a leading example of how we, in Vancouver, integrate sustainability in our lifestyle and how we do business. But this Green Roof is more than just an architectural feature. It boasts shrubs and greenery endemic only to British Columbia and houses bees producing 150 lbs. of honey annually for the Convention Centre’s scratch kitchen philosophy. It has given a a range of faunas a refuge who have lost their habitat from City developments. It offers them a habitat while at the same time staying within their regional reach.

The structure that seemingly looks so static in the cityscape and tell its story about how it enhances the communal ecosystem in a positive way. It greatly captures the visuals that exists if one visits the roof – an organic orchestra of habitat thriving along with a rich, modern architectural design.


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