Green Walls Favela Art- Museo de Favela, Rio de Janeiro, August/2014


The Green Walls Favela Art project commemorates the visit of members of ICOM (International Council of Museums) to Museo de Favela--AUGUST, 2013.

During the month of April 2014, five artists living in the favela Contagalo, created this unique outdoor gallery.  Professor Emeritus, Emily Carr University of Art and Design—Vancouver, Britrish Columbia, Canada curated the project-installation. The "team" visited Rio Botanical Gardens and learned about growing plants in repurposed plastic containers and disgarded coconuts from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.  Artists created large format paintings that included spaces to contain plants. Hence, "Green Walls Favela Art" installations.

Visit the video made by the artists that documented the 3 Week creative process and instalations.


Bernardo Araujo

Eduardo Matos

Marcos Antonio

Waldir Amancio

Pablo Lara

Fabiano Da Silva- Project Coordination

Statement: The colours, forms, shapes and plants in the art of Green Walls Favela Art, provide an entertaining and deep vision for the favela and its green future.

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