Trancentive– Holistic Transportation Advocacy Group for Greater Vancouver


          Despite the new expansion and opening of the Canada Line, Vancouver’s transit system still has many aspects of inefficiency that is due to preliminary organization/treatment of each means of transport as seperate entities instead of a whole. The ideal Transport system is holistic hence efficient, and we will eventually get there, but should it take as long as it is taking?

          By introducing a new non-profit system/entity in which combines all means of transportation, including bikes, by giving incentives to the users from peripheral benefactors, in which users may join with responsible memberships. The system will work via ‘grassroot’ level to encourage user demand and therefore collect investor interests.

          Trancentive is an advocacy group that connects commuters with other entities (even ones that may be seemingly irrelevant to transportation) to find areas of mutual interest and benefits that could heighten efficency and catalyse change to a greener and more sustainable transportation system. The initialtive shall span the ‘interstitial time’ (internal and external) of users between the disjuncture of current habits and the city’s 2020 Greenest City goal. It would be consist of numerous programs and activities that would require community participation, regularly updated.

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