Sweeteeth is a brand I created for a dessert recipe publication. The publication is not very long, but rich in content, as well as quality. In each issue, there will be a feature on a certain type of dessert, in which the one I designed features doughnuts. Not only is the publication consist of recipes, but also more facts about the featured dessert. The main demographics are teenagers and young adults, who are interested in making fancy desserts. Because of the target age group, I also created a website to promote Sweeteeth, where readers are able to subscribe to Sweeteeth to receive every issue for up to 3 years, and include other features, such as a sneak peek to the recipes, as well a section that features readers’ Instagram photos who hashtagged #sweeteethrecipe. The publication is published twice a year in June and December, which are the months when students have long breaks, and thus they would have free time to make desserts. In addition to targeting the demographic, I designed the publication in a 8.5in x 8.5in (square) because of the Instagram trend, where the images are displayed as a square. This way, the readers may feel a slight connection with this. The tone and mood of the publication is elegant and classy, but fun and cute at the same time, which perfectly adheres to the audiences’ interests and purpose of purchasing Sweeteeth.

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