The Thumb Twiddle Movement


Thumb twiddling is frequently used as an example of a useless, time-wasting activity, much like procrastination, but I think it’s more of a way to slow down, relax, and appreciate time.

Use #thumbtwiddle to join the movement and become a Thumb Twiddler!

The Thumb Twiddle Movement explores the idea of positive procrastination through slowness and positive well-being. The goal of the movement is to de-stigmatize procrastination and the negative feelings
associated with it and encourage the use of procrastination as a tool for slowing down, self-reflection, and stress relief.

Today’s society is extremely fast paced. We’re so focused on constant production and working long hours, it seems as if there’s not longer an opportunity to include any free time in our lives. Many people find themselves procrastinating on tasks not only because they are stressed, but often to simply have a chance to unwind from our busy professional lives and pursue creative passions.

In response to this, The Thumb Twiddle Movement was created as a guerrilla style campaign to be installed around the city of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Along with street installations, the campaign is shared through the use of a social media hashtag, #thumbtwiddle, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Through a quirky, tongue-and-cheek tone, the campaign intrigues the audience and creates a
relatable dialogue about the daily struggle with stress and procrastination.

This thesis project will be exhibited at The Show 2016 at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

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