Bird Park Survival Station


Bird Park Survival Station
multi-species climate emergency project, 2015-ongoing


visit the Vimeo showcase to see the Bird Park videos, and read notes about each one.

Bird Park Survival Station, is a research collaboration with local birds, including the crow family whose territory includes my home. The Park, built on the roof of my home in the east side of Vancouver, provides affordances to local and migratory birds—fresh water, small amounts of food, caching and perching features—to assist them survive the climate emergency.

A computer vision/sound system records the birds’ activities as they use the Park, and the data are analyzed for information about their needs. The team responds to the birds’ feedback by improving and developing the Park‘s affordances.

Park features include: 

  • – fresh water in shallow dishes for drinking, food soaking and bathing. 
  • – specialized food to support a variety of bird communities. 
  • – planters for caching food, an important tradition of our Northwestern crows. 
  • – planters containing flowering plants that attract bees and hummingbirds. 
  • – specialized perching features where birds can rest and have an unobstructed view of the area. 
  • – a Max/MSP computer vision system remotely records the birds’ use of the Park’s features to GoPro cameras.
  • – a Max/MSP patch and sound recording system documents the bird calls, and their sounds as they use the Park’s features, such as the water bath. The system includes contact mics, a PZM mic, guitar pedals for effects.


Research team:
Julie Andreyev, field recordist and park ranger
Simon Overstall, computation and sound consultation
Cara Jacobsen, research assistant
Mana Saei, research assistant
Astrid Dakowicz, research assistant
Morgan Gilbert, research assistant

Supported by:
Scholarship + Research Fund, ECU, 2018 
Basically Good Media Lab, and the Mixed Reality Lab, ECU

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