Coppermoss Retreat and Residency



Through residencies, supported research, commissioned projects, learning experiments, curated events and tactical discussions, Coppermoss supports ideas and practices considering the edge of nature and human activity. We are driven by a commitment to decolonial futurities, and seek to work with collaborators who imagine through responsible action and radical thinking. We support retreats and residencies that consider the locality of the cottage as a means of considering broader restorative relationships with land, environment and communities.

Coppermoss is located within the traditional territory of the shíshálh nation, in the village of Tuwanek (téwánkw) on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. For millennia the shíshálh peoples have been stewards of this land, interrupted in the last two centuries by the violence of colonialism. As settlers we have directly benefited from the colonisation of the indigenous peoples of this land. Coppermoss is committed to the values put forward by the shíshálh nation – to consider a restorative and responsible relationships to the land, to preserve the natural balance of humans, animals and plants, and to plan for the generations ahead who will inherit the responsibility of stewardship of this place and all it provides.

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