Generative Fiction (2020)



description Installation  | single channel, sound | cctv cameras, analogue video titler, HD television, Mac mini, Isadora, advc convertor 

Generative Fiction is an interactive installation combining the generative power of feedback systems with the clunky charm of analogue video interfaces to create an evolving stream of text and textures. A high-definition television displays an endless loop of scrolling words and phrases from an analogue video titler. These interact with a second ‘loop’ - a live camera pointed at the screen to create a video feedback system. As the low-resolution texts rise, they provoke ripples in the feedback, generating further colours and patterns. A final ‘loop’ in this system is provided by the viewer, who is invited to interpret the words and evolve the text using the video titler in order to generate new fictions.

The soundtrack is generated by the colour itself using Isadora software. The video feed is analysed for the presence of Red Green and Blue, triggering layers of synth sounds as each colour grows or recedes

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