BearHug is an inflatable vest for deep pressure touch stimulation, for children with sensory processing disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Deep pressure is a necessity for some of these individuals to help them feel good and ease their anxiety.  It also can help them improve their ability to complete daily task at a more functioning level, reduce tantrums, and self-injury behaviors.  BearHug inflates to give overall pressure whereas the current vests for therapy available to these children have weights inside for the same purpose.

BearHug comes with an attachable hood to block out light for children over-sensitive to light, chewy drawstrings for children that crave oral stimulation, and 'feely' pockets for the children that seek out tactile stimulation.  It is also much more stylish that the current weighted vests, and looks like an ordinary item of clothing to help the child integrate with their peers.

The safety features of this vest include a pressure relief valve that does not allow the vest to over-pressurize.  It has a fast and easy deflate button, and a pressure sensor to indicate the amount of pressure that the child is receiving for feedback.

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