3DAN 300: Preproduction for 3D Animation

Working individually or as collaborative teams, students will research 3D computer animation projects and methodologies with the goal of developing story and pre-production artwork for their third year 3D computer animation / digital media productions. Based on their research, they will create concepts through many stages of pre-production, visualization, and iteration of story and experience development. Students will pitch ideas, critique storyboards / animatics / CG layouts, examine 3D computer animation production / digital media methods and techniques, and consider various industry-based scenarios / pre-production hurdles. Following such investigations, individuals and/or groups will submit a proposal for their third year 3D computer animation film / digital media projects, including a statement of intent, production schedule, and CG animation or digital media prototype with sound.

This course is subject to priority rules; see here.


Completion of 18 credits of 200 level 3D Animation

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