3DAN 307: 3D Character Creation II

In 3D Character Creation II students will explore various techniques in 3D modeling, rigging and creature FX to develop the look and performance nuance of their 3D character animations. Starting with animation-friendly modeling techniques, students explore a range of animation set ups and creature rigs with hairs, muscles and facial expressions. Following the completion of 3D character assets, students follow through the overall workflow of 3D dynamics and shot-sculpting techniques for cloth, hair and muscle simulations. At the end of the course students will have completed 3D character assets and character show reels. Building on the foundations of 3D animation, this course is an in depth investigation of the role of 3D character creation, including implementing appropriate body anatomy, Facial Action Coding System based rigging and dynamic simulations, in support of storytelling development.


3DAN-207 3D Character Creation I

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Fall 2021 3DAN-307-F091 3D Character Creation II