3DAN 403: Advanced 3D Character ANIM I

Through this course, students will be able to: Identify different qualities and rhythms of movement and understand how those qualities can convey intentionality and interiority. Research and develop a character concept that translates into movement and gesture design. Connect character concept to character design and movement choreography. Understand bodily mechanics of human and various biped and quadruped creatures; Explore design and movement mechanics of non-anthropomorphic characters. Experiment with advanced animation techniques, including anticipation, overlapping action, exaggeration, and timing / spacing; Identify specific reference sources for movement and translate the dynamics of motion to character design. Consider the role of environment design in support of character acting; Convey a character's emotion, thought process, or intentionality with and without dialogue.


3DAN-213 or ANIM-225 3D Character Animation

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