AHIS 210 S093: Art and Culture Since 1950

This course will address global visual art production since 1950, with an emphasis on Europe and North America. Beginning with the emergence of High Modernism in a context of cultural production after World War II, the course considers major art historical movements. Different art practices and aesthetic theories will be examined in order to foreground the complex relations that exist between art objects and practices, and specific theoretical, cultural, and historical contexts. Topics may range from: the role of art in consumerist society, the dematerialization of the art object, the shift from late-Modernist to Post-Modern sensibilities, and questions of identity and subjectivity. Throughout, students will be introduced to a range of theoretical and methodological models which foreground formal investigations, philosophical inquiry, and social and cultural analysis.


Completion of 21 credits

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ONLINE course. "Asynchronous lecture materials for the course will be made available to you, by the course Lecturer R.Stone, via a dedicated Moodle page that you will be invited to. You can look at these materials on your own time, ahead of your Wednesday seminar. Your seminar will take place in the Wednesday time slot between 3:40pm-6:30pm, the specific hour will be confirmed by your seminar leader L.Kling. A2
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Jan 4-Apr 16
Jan 4-Apr 16