AHIS 325 S091: Studies in Modern Art

This course focuses on Modernist and Avant-Garde artistic practice in the 20th century. Students will investigate artists and their diverse aesthetic strategies especially as they reflect the powerful political and cultural changes that transformed social and artistic tradition.

Each section of this course runs with a different topic. See here.

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Topic: WORDS & IMAGES: The Alchemy of Language into Visual Art

Language has been the subtext behind much of twentieth and twenty-first century artistic practice. Whether it is critical writings, artist manifestos, appropriated theories from cultural, political or academic sources, words have shaped much of modern culture’s more avant-garde visual art. Keeping this in mind Words & Images will look at the transformative power of literature, poetry and drama on the visual arts. This course will study different variants of expression within the visual arts (painting, photography, video and film) that have been influenced by or adapted from literary sources. The transfer from page to screen will be a theme running throughout this course. Films and video art have been a prime way to visualize many of the complexities within contemporary literature, poetry and drama, and thereby providing entry into the often-unapproachable tangle of modernist and postmodern writings. Words & Images will also study contemporary artists whose work refers to writings that are more personal or specific to their own directives: for example Bill Viola’s use of writings by St Francis of Assisi and St John of the Cross, Laurie Anderson’s incorporation of William Burroughs ‘cut-ups’ or Stan Douglas’s debt to Samuel Beckett.  



6 credits of 200 level AHIS, DHIS, MHIS

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