AHIS 325 S092: Studies in Modern Art

This course focuses on Modernist and Avant-Garde artistic practice in the 20th century. Students will investigate artists and their diverse aesthetic strategies especially as they reflect the powerful political and cultural changes that transformed social and artistic tradition.

Each section of this course runs with a different topic. See here.

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Topic: Seven Easy Pieces: The Monochrome
This particular instalment of AHIS 325 is titled Seven Easy Pieces: The Monochrome and takes issue with the fact that a majority of contemporary art returns us to tropes from the history of Modernist art. This course aims to raise questions about these repetitions and considers relationships such as performance and documentation; the original and copy; as well as the role of the artist and spectator. In particular, the course is aimed at setting in motion for the students a critical dialogue between historical practices and contemporary art and ideas. This term we will focus our attention on the tradition of the monochrome and look closely at seven specific historical works that continues to inspire, provoke and/or confuse today’s artist.


6 credits of 200 level AHIS, DHIS, MHIS

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Jan 10-Apr 23