AHIS 328 F031: Studies in Global Modernisms

This special topics course focuses on the interpretation of Modernism as developed across a particular geographic area (e.g. South America, Asia, Africa). Taking a thematic approach the course will address the relations of exchange and translation involved in the historical development of modernist ideas, practices and material production around the globe. Study of the significant cultural, political, geographical and historical specificities folded into the category of Modernism encourages a critical awareness regarding how and under what conditions an art historical movement becomes prominent. These questions regarding the emergence and continuing impact of diverse Modernisms will be engaged through an in-depth study of the images and forms associated with the movement.

Each section of this course runs with a different topic. See here.

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Topic: Colonial Symptoms | Decolonial Practices 
Museums and galleries have played an important role in how cultures and peoples from across the globe have been framed and represented. Many of the stereotypes that we retain today about other cultures have found their roots in art, exhibitions, museums practices and their colonial histories. This course will examine the ways in which exhibitions display and collections practices are part of the complex framing of other cultures. We will study the museum as a space of ritual, national identity formation and post-colonial imagination. In particular, we will examine the museum as a site of whiteness, coersion and “cultural brokering”, where the representation of cultures is often through a western, Eurocentric lens. We will spend the final part of the course examining exhibitions that challenge the limitations of this model and propose ways of proceeding into the future.


3 credits of a 200 level AHIS, DHIS or MHIS

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HYBRID course. Changed teaching format to online, no longer using the classroom.
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Sep 7-Dec 18
Sep 7-Dec 18