AHIS 333 S001: Interdisciplinary Forums

This course takes advantage of the knowledge and experience articulated in the various public presentations at Emily Carr in order to help students engage more directly with current practices in art and design. The course will contextualize weekly lectures, exhibitions, screenings, or other public events in an integrated examination of issues central to contemporary art practice. The course is structured through a program of public lectures, influential readings, team-taught lectures and seminars, discussions, written assignments and presentations.

Priority is given to Fine Arts and Media students in Years 3 and 4. Students outside of the registration priority group may register/waitlist for this course as of the registration rule release date.

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Course content: 

Topic: Curating as a Social Practice

This course will approach the practice of curating as an innovative and experimental way of producing new knowledge and understanding, new concepts and collaborations. It is a practical and theoretical course which will have several curatorial and other, annotative outcomes and which will challenge your thinking in a way that will allow you to reflect on what could be meant by a curatorial act in an expanded sense.

Our thinking will be prompted by the idea of ‘The Community of the Question’. and we will examine the recent origins of that. We will look at traditional and contemporary motivations in curating and their relationships to education, concepts of history and stewardship, political activity, the authorship of cultural investigation and the aesthetic government of discrete media, mixed media. Alongside more recognizable modes of curating, we will also look at other kinds of curatorial insight that might, when one pays proper attention to the strangeness of the ordinary, be found in a gait, a voice, a memory, a piece of film.

This course takes place during the preparations for Emily Carr’s Degree Show, and we will consider that occasion as a practical way of imagining the complex and hybridized types of fugitive critical space that curating can suggest.


6 credits of 200 level AHIS, DHIS, MHIS, SOCS

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TOPIC: Curating as a Social Practice. Course Details: Lectures by R.Stone and workshops by E.Puriya Mehr during class time (Wednesdays 16:30 - 19:20).
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Jan 7-Apr 18
Jan 7-Apr 18
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