AHIS 401 S001: Topics in Curatorial Projects

This fourth year three credit course gives students an in depth experience with curatorial projects. Building on the third year SOCS 310 Studies in Curatorial Practices, students develop their knowledge with a focus on contemporary examples, case studies and the key components necessary for organizing an exhibition. In this course students will investigate a specific topic or issue relevant to a variety of practices and critical concerns related to curatorial projects. They will develop writing projects directly related to proposing and installing an exhibition with the potential to realize a project. The emphasis will be upon the development and articulation of critical and speculative thinking that will encourage personal research and prepare students for further study or practice whether through future curatorial studies, self-curating or curating in relation to one's own practice and curatorial projects with one's peers. Potential assignments and outcomes may include an exhibition plan, curatorial proposals, grant proposal writing, and criteria for curating a space or a virtual exhibition. https://www.connect.ecuad.ca/programs/specialtopic s


SOCS-310 Studies in Cultural Practice

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