ANIM 332: Collaborative Animation

This is a project-based class for students to collaborate with selected partners and/or clients (such as other universities, research groups, and animation and game companies). This class involves a collaboration-oriented and team-based approach to animation production. We will embark on an engaging learning experience through the exploration of animation production via production-based projects with partners and clients. This course offers students the opportunity to research and develop visual concepts to finality, while taking these concepts through the many stages of pre-production and actual production. Students will experiment with various aspects of creativity and exercise their critical thinking skills, while exploring aspects of animation production such as idea development, production methodology and technology research, concept art creation, character design, animation creation, game engine conversion, troubleshooting, prototype / final production, and exhibition set-up. Working with peers, students are required to take a team-based approach to creating a final animation project.

This course is subject to priority rules; see here.


2DAN-210 Animation II or 3DAN-213 Intermediate 3D Character Animation

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