CCID 300 S001: Community Projects

This studio course offers students the opportunity to collaborate on a directed studies project initiated by a public interest organization such as a non-profit community group, charity, or a Non-Governmental Organization (an NGO). Projects may include websites, three-dimensional displays, community art projects, or customized visual presentations which may have elements from every discipline, including English and Critical Studies. Students from all year levels may take this course which models collaboration and vertical learning where knowledge and skills are shared among students, faculty, external research partners, and community group representatives.

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Topic: Public Art Competition for the 43rd Annual Powell Street Festival

Public Art Competition for the 43rd Annual Powell Street Festival

Working in teams, students will undergo research and development of a proposal for an interactive public artwork for the upcoming Powell Street Festival, August 3-4, 2019. They will deliver their proposal as a live pitch to a selection committee comprised of arts, design and community organization professionals. The winning submission will be awarded a cash prize, with the potential to receive mentorship with Revery Architecture (formerly Bing Thom Architects) and Abaton Projects to further develop, fabricate and install/activate their project.

Research into the history and social geography of the Powell Street Festival, Oppenheimer Park, and the neighbourhood including Nihonmachi, Chinatown and the Downtown Eastside will be complemented with field trips and site analyses, readings and written responses on public art, public space, the public sphere, site-specificity, engagement strategies, community art and activism. Ideally, an understanding of the complex layers of various communities in the neighbourhood will contribute towards a more informed and hopefully nuanced approach to creating a proposal specific for this context. An iterative approach will be embraced where students will provide peer support as they workshop their concepts with each other on their journey towards creating an experiential artwork that engages the audience of the festival.


First Year - Foundation Studies. Repeatable for credit

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Topic: Public Art Competition for the 43rd Annual Powell Street Festival. Course Details: This is a LINKED course - students must sign up for both CCID 300 S001 and HUMN 311 S003. CC-U
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