CECD 202 SU01: Publication Design

Jul 8
Aug 26

Building on basic principles of design, this course introduces layout concepts for multi-page document design and strategies for commercial and small-run printing. Apply grid systems, incorporate images and text and learn folding and binding options for effective information delivery. Prior knowledge of Adobe InDesign and Photoshop is required.

Meeting Information: 
Date / Time Days Room Building
Jul 8-Aug 26

Recommended: CECS 120 Adobe CC for Design + Production, or CECS 110 Introductory Adobe Photoshop and CECS 112 Introductory Adobe InDesign; CECD 100 Introductory Communication Design, CECD 103 Introductory Typography

Instructor information: 
Please bring the following supplies to class:
* Adobe CC Software

For certain online course which require Adobe software, students
are responsible for purchasing their own software for course.
Trial versions of the software are sometimes available on the
company website, but at this time there are no discounts
available for Continuing Studies students. (Estimated cost: US

***Please bring items marked with a '*' to your first class.***

***Print Cards and/or Printing Costs: students are responsible
for printing costs. Print Cards are available in the Library or
in machines located next to the main elevators. Note that Print
Card machines are cash only.

***Present your Registration Statement or your ECUAD student card
at Opus Framing & Art Supplies to qualify for a student

***In order to minimize disruption, students are expected to
arrive at class a minimum of 5 minutes prior to the designated
start time.  If possible, please notify your instructor ahead of
time if you expect to be late or absent.***