CEDR 100: Introductory Drawing

Drawing, observation, recording and compositional organization are foundational tools for any creative practice. In this course, you will explore studies in line, shape, value, perspective, proportion, positive and negative space and the human figure. Using a wide range of drawing materials and hands-on practice, you will be introduced to drawing as a means of intense visual investigation. This course is an ideal, supportive learning environment if you are new to the field of drawing, and are looking to gain skills that will be broadly applicable.

Number of Credits: 
Repeatable for Credit: 
Term Section Title
Cs Spring 2021 CEDR-100-S001 Introductory Drawing
Cs Spring 2021 CEDR-100-S002 Introductory Drawing
Cs Spring 2021 CEDR-100-S003 Introductory Drawing