CEFA 102 SU02: Colour Theory

Jun 21
Aug 16

Using colour effectively within diverse mediums is a crucial component of any visual art practice. In this introductory course, students will learn the principles of colour theory using a variety of creative tools, materials, and techniques. Creating specific hues and tones will be explored through both wet and dry media, as well as how to form dynamic visual compositions and communicate ideas using colour.

Material List for Fall 2021: Be prepared for your course. Download the material list to purchase items before your first class.

Meeting Information: 
Date / Time Days Room Building
Jun 21-Jul 26
Aug 9-Aug 16
Instructor information: 
Please bring the following supplies to class:
Essential Items

* 1 Palette Knife (suggested: metal, trowel shape)
* 1 Flat Palette (plexi or acrylic) or disposable palette pad
* 1 Brush set (suggested: "Opus Galiano Watercolor Brush Set
* Various selection of drawing materials (markers, pens, pencil
crayons, pencils, etc.) as you have on hand
* 2-3 Containers for water (such as plastoc yogurt containers)
* Multiple white cloth rags (old t-shirts)
* 1 Pencil and eraser as you have on hand	
* 1 Hardbound Sketchbook (8.5x11) (Suggested: Opus Essential
* Acrylic Paint (suggested: Opus Essential brand) in the
following colours and sizes:	
	1 Titanium White 150mL	
	1 Cadmium Yellow Light 60mL	
	1 Cadmium Yellow Deep 60mL
	1 Cadmium Red Medium 60mL
	1 Quinacridone Magenta 60mL
	1 Ultramarine Blue 60mL	
	1 Phthalo Blue 60mL
	1 Phthalo Green 60mL

Estimated cost: $155.00

***Please bring items marked with a '*' to your first class.***

***Print Cards and/or Printing Costs: students are responsible
for printing costs. Print Cards are available in the Library or
in machines located next to the main elevators. Note that Print
Card machines are cash only.

***Present your Registration Statement or your ECUAD student card
at Opus Framing & Art Supplies to qualify for a student

***In order to minimize disruption, students are expected to
arrive at class a minimum of 5 minutes prior to the designated
start time.  If possible, please notify your instructor ahead of
time if you expect to be late or absent.***