CEID 260 SU01: 3D Design Sketching

Jun 6
Jul 25

Sketching is an essential process in 3D design; it documents the flow of ideas and can be used as an effective tool for communication. Explore pencil-sketching techniques commonly used in industrial design, interior design, furniture design, and architectural design. In this course, you will apply design drawing techniques to the visualization of products, environments, forms and space.

Meeting Information: 
Date / Time Days Room Building
Jun 6-Jul 25


Instructor information: 
Please bring the following supplies to class:
* 1 2B pencil (Staedtler, Faber Catell etc.)
* 1 Eraser:  Staedtler Mars Plastic (#526050) or similar product
30 8.5" x 11" regular bond paper (general purpose
photocopy/inkjet bond =paper, 20-24lb)
* 1 Ruler (plastic or metal straight edge ruler, 12"
length)...can get from $1 store
* 1 *small cutter with breakable blade (optional)
* 1 black *Faber Castell "Pitt" artist pen (super fine point) or
similar felt-pen (optional)
* 1 black *Ballpoint pen (Pental "RSVP" fine point) (optional)

**Optional items to be discussed in the first class** 

Estimated cost: $14.95

***Please bring items marked with a '*' to your first class.***

***If required, photocopy/printer cards can be purchased from the
ECUAD library.***

***Present this ECUAD Registration Statement at Opus Framing &
Art Supplies to qualify for a student discount.***

***In order to minimize disruption, students are expected to
arrive at class a minimum of 5 minutes prior to the designated
start time.  If possible, please notify your instructor ahead of
time if you expect to be late or absent.***