CEID 390 SU01: Critical Topics in Design

Jun 25
Aug 13

Whether owing to depletion of resources or disruption of new technologies, the role of the designer must shift toward an optimization of human use as well as sociological, ecological, and environmental sustainability. This course introduces human-centred design methodologies and sustainable design strategies considering design's effects on culture and society, individual experiences and physical ergonomics. Through lectures, discussions and in-class assignments, students will be exposed to various perspectives on sustainability and human-centred design, and introduced to design research tools to begin analyzing and interpreting user centred data. The course aims to enable meaningful and considered design discourses within the larger context of contemporary human experience. Prerequisites: CESE 110, CEID 120 and/or CEID 121 strongly recommended. Prerequisite None

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Jun 25-Aug 13
T B3155 MAIN


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