CEID 534 SU01: Introduction to Sketchup

Apr 5
Apr 12

SketchUp is a powerful 3D software application used for architecture, interior design, game design, and basic 3D modelling. In this hands-on, one-day workshop, students will learn to create 3D illustrations and models with SketchUp Pro. Topics include drawing tools, modify commands, component libraries, layering systems, modelling solids, surface treatments, and working with prefab objects. For online classes, students are responsible for purchasing their own software for class. Trial versions of the software are sometimes available on the company website, but at this time there are no discounts available for Continuing Studies students. This course is offered online by OCADU Continuing Studies. (OCADU course number CSDI-N124.) It is delivered through a series of pre-recorded tutorials and related assignments which students may complete at their own pace via Canvas, a Learning Management System. While there are no scheduled class meeting times, the instructor is available throughout the course for questions and discussions. To be considered for course equivalency towards a Part-Time Certificate program, students must register through ECUAD.

Meeting Information: 
Date / Time Days Room Building
Apr 5-Apr 12